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The Now: March 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Living Room Update: New Cozamia Print

While I'm still trying to relax (I may need another day to look at those pics), I thought I'd give you an update on the house. We finally got the Cozamia print up above our couch and moved the Duffy London Chandelier print to the entryway along with this incredible bench that had been hiding in our guest room. Here is the before. We aren't talking major renovations or anything, but I am happy with the results. If you haven't looked at the Cozamia site, you should. You are bound to find a print that you can't live without!

can you spot Waldo aka Pickles???
Needs to be recovered in something..but what??

I'm off to take some super deep breaths!!!

xoxo e

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Relaxation Time

So I started writing talking about how I was a little fried from so much blogging & social media and then all of a sudden my post got erased. Growl. Now I can't remember what I had said. haha. Doesn't matter bc today I am showing nothing but pictures that relax me and make me happy. Hopefully you will enjoy them too!!! Oh PS all are on my Pinterest and Tumblr but I put the original sources too. Take that!

The perfect morning..
image via peoniespearlspomises

one day, sparkly Chanel bag, you and I will meet  
 image via we heart it
gratuitous animal pic
via stardustandsequins

no words necessary
 image via lightestelar

always makes me happy
 image via navajomoon

drool.  image
via design darling

besties. image
via lucky lust
AND...Only 52 more days until I'm here 

end scene

***Don't forget to enter the Shopbop Giveaway!!! 

xoxo e

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Shoesday

Find your favorite color @ Jenni Kayne

Looks from JK Pre Fall '12   and I'll take that furry hat!!!

imgages via jenni kayne and trendhunter

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Follow Shopbop + The NOW to Win $100 Shopbop Gift Card

I am so excited to announce that The NOW and Shopbop have teamed up to giveaway a $100 Shopbop gift card to one very lucky follower! Talk about a major wardrobe upgrade opportunity!! Shopbop has about a gadrillion fabulous things you could buy {or at least put a huge dent in the cost} with a $100 gift card. I know a ton of friends that are about to get married so what better way to use this card than to buy some hot designer lingerie!! With Shopbop's selection of Calvin Klein bras (they are having a special on CK lingerie btw) and my personal favorite, Jenna Leigh lingerie, future honeymooners are bound to find something. Summer time aka lazy days in the sun are just around the corner so why not use the card towards a great pair of sunnies or a new swimsuit. So many options...Here are a few more of my top picks:

1| J. Brand Jeans in a pretty pastel 2| A pair of Karen Walker Sunnies 3| Juicy Jewelry  4| Gorge Jenna Leigh Lingerie
5| Anything from the Spring '12 A.L.C Collection 6| DVF Swimwear  7| Eugenia Kim Turban Style Headbands  

Have I got you excited yet? Good then. So here's how to enter:

1. (Mandatory)
    a. Follow The Now Stylebook ( click the "join this site" button on the right side of the page)
    b. Leave a comment on this Post 
2. (Mandatory) Become a fan of Shopbop on their Facebook page

For extra entries you can do any or all of the following ( be sure to leave comments for every extra entry): 
For those of you keeping score, that is up to 6 chances to win!!! Wahoooo!

A winner will be chosen randomly on Thursday, April 5th. Giveaway open to US + International participants.

Good Luck!!!!!

xoxooo e

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Gwyneth Discusses the Oscars

Gwyneth Paltrow is so cool! I just love how she tries to be so accessible to the little people like me on her blog! My best dressed lady from the Oscars dishes on everything form her morning workout, to discussing with stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, the politics behind finding "The Dress", to every little detail about the main event on GOOP! Ugh I just love her so much and that dress was beyond amazing!! Here is a sneak peak into her day....

Getting ready with....Cameron Diaz??? I didn't know they were friends

The final touches

The after party...
Check out the entire post here

xoxo e

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Obsessed With: Made Her Think Chain Rings

While I have seen these Made Her Think double rings on a few online shops, it didn't hit me how much I loved it until I saw an actual person wearing one on Instagram.{duh I have an Instagram and you should follow.. @thenowstylebook} Now, I am obsessed with these double chain rings! And yes they are a bit pricey but think about are getting two rings in one. So channel your inner Jane Child and chain one body part to the other.

images via the carolines mode,  trend report tumblr,  beautifully invisible tumblr

xoxo e

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lust List

1| Dress 2| iPad Case 3| Shorts 4| Shoes 5| Bracelet 6| Print 7| Skirt 8| Top
xox e

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Shoesday

These shoes raise so many questions for me. First off: Why the effff are these almost $5800?? Second: Who has the nerve to sell shoes for $5800 when they are from their very first collection ever{PS I heard that the models could barely walk in these things during the show}?? WHO? Oh Kanye West. And I'm sure the cost was more of a marketing ploy so people would talk about them. Bagh...he got me on that one. I will say that I saw these on Pinterest months ago without the ankle straps and I absolutely fell in love with them. They are beautiful, but seriously???? What do you think? Should Kanye stick to his day job? If you had an unlimited amount of money, would you buy these puppies? 

xoxo e

PS If you are a Shopbop fan, be sure to head over to  Ashley Nicole Catherine for a MAJOR giveaway!! 

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Monday, March 19, 2012

My Wedding on Studio Swoon

Happy Monday! Please head on over to Tamra's blog, Studio Swoon to see my wedding story and our favorite pics from the big day....

xoxo E

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Celebrity Styling Series with Tamra of Studio Swoon

I am so excited to have Tamra from Studio Swoon (and Walks With Bella) on the blog today. She has been super busy starting her own event planning and styling company, Ever Swoon and just launched her website and new blog last week. I am so appreciative of her for taking the time out to do this post because I know she has been SWAMPED!! Tamra and I have never met, but she lived in Dallas before moving to New York and actually worked with one of Annie and I's best friends. Such a small world!!! Hopefully one day we will actually meet. Anyway, she is super glamorous and you all must check out her equally as glamorous site and blog!

Happy Friday, lovelies!!  I'm so excited to be over here at Elizabeth's swoonsational blog!  When she asked me about participating in this series, I wasn't exactly sure which icon to use as my muse.  However, just a few weeks ago I watched the movie W.E. and was swoon drooling at Wallis Simpson's character.  Her style, her confidence, her Jewels!! Hello tiny diamond bow tie!!?!?  If you haven't seen the movie, it is based on the love story of an American actress (divorcee) who marries King Edward, but in order to marry he had to give up his throne, hence becoming exiled from the UK.  An amazing love story if you ask me.  Prince Edward filled her life with diamonds and gems alike, most custom made and the rarest kind. It doesn't make being exiled with the former king any better, but it sure does make the situation sparkle. 

Wallis Simpson

The below swoon worthy inspiration could be for an exiled Duchess or a fashion forward bride.  

Wallis Simpson Bridal Inspiration

Thanks for having me, E!!  

Follow the dancing shoes to Studio Swoon for more swoon worthy happenings!  #dancetildawn

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Best of Street Style: Paris Fashion Week

Well, fashion month ended with a very eventful week in Paris. There was a real train {an $8 million train} at Louis Vuitton, Kanye West braved the critics and showed a sophomore collection (whyyyy?), Stefano Pilati showed his final collection for YSL and the street style was better and chicer than in any other city. While I loved the bold looks in Milan, nothing compares to Parisian style!

Safari vest (similar found here) and a snakeskin shirt |  Niels Peeraer bracelets and handbag | Model, Hanne Gaby Odiele in Balenciaga shorts

Stylist, Caroline Sieber in Louis Vuitton Pumps and Christopher Kane clutch | Gorgeous colorblock moto jacket & Tom Binns Cameo necklace | W Magazine's Giovanna Battaglia in Prada

From Top: Mary Katrantzou blazer & Tom Binns cameo necklace |  Model, Andie Arthur in Carven jacket & Rag and Bone blouse  | Head to toe in Louis Vuitton |  Aperlai shoes
images via, Vogue, the J'adore Pretty Things

xoxo e

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Shoesday

From top: 1|Colorblock Sandals 2| Sea Horse Sandals 3| Crab Sandals 4| Tropical Print Sandals
5| Beaded Sandals 6| Tube Sandals

xoxo E

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

At Home With Taylor Tomasi Hill

If you have been following this blog for a while, you probably know my obsession with Taylor Tomasi Hill. I may be partial to her since she is from Dallas, but my love for her goes way beyond our mutual hometowns. The artistic director for Moda Operandi and street style celebrity has the most unique style and I absolutely love her inventiveness and her ability {and courage} to take major fashion risks. I was so happy to see her Chelsea apartment in Vogue and had to share it with you in case you haven't seen it! Just as usual, I am blown away with Taylor's style!! 

I have been lusting over these jeans...If they are good enough for TTH, they are good enough for me!

Love the mixed prints

my heaven!

1|Chair {Real} , Chair  {Inspired by}  2| Pillow  3| Book A Book B  4| Rug  5| Pitcher  6| Pillow  7| Duckling  8| Apron

xoxox E

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Celebrity Styling Series With Kelly from Classically Eclectic

Kelly, from Classically Eclectic is here today! Hooray! We became blog friends not too long ago, but have basically worked all week together {just did a post for her on Wednesday} and she has quickly become one of my favorites. From snippets of her weekend activities to pictures of her adorable family {her husband and pup are super cute!} to purchases and projects for her gorgeous home, Kelly always has entertaining material.  So here she is.....

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m Kelly from Classically Eclectic, and I’m so excited to be participating in this series! When Elizabeth asked me to focus on my favorite celebrity and/or style icon I didn’t hesitate or waiver on my decision for even a second: Jenna Lyons. When I think about the type of style I want to embody and be known for (classic, eclectic [hello, blog name], quirky, humble, engaging, interesting), I inevitably end up pulling inspiration from Jenna and of course the J. Crew catalog.  

My girl crush on Jenna started back in college when I was working for J. Crew; I worked there for five years, and goodness, do I miss that discount! This was when I was first introduced to the idea of mixing high and low, masculine and feminine, classic with a quirky twist. I never looked back.  Thank you, Jenna. Thank you.
Jenna embodies all of these qualities. She often uses abstract terms to describe a style, outfit, or fashion trend (e.g. elevated, engaging) – rather than the more tangible terms we are used to hearing. Her brand is genuine, authentic, humble, classic, quirky, and dare I say, slightly awkward. *For those of you that know me, I consider myself to be slightly socially awkward at times; I have come to appreciate this quality in me, and when I watch interviews with Jenna (like this one) I find her slight social awkwardness to be endearing. Perhaps there is hope for me yet!

I also admire Jenna for what she has been able to accomplish- apart from her celebrity. She is a designer in the truest sense of the word, and she is also a fantastic businesswoman. I’m not aware of any other creative director that has been able to become the face of a brand- especially for a company the size of J. Crew. She has literally elevated the style of women around the world- and not even in a way that encourages woman to be brand-worshippers of J. Crew.  

Here is an office I designed inspired by Jenna's style: 

...and here is an outfit inspired by the Jenna/J. Crew classic with a quirky twist style: 

[Denim Top Shoes Laces Vest Watch Necklace Glasses Clutch- vintage (mine)]

[Other image credits: 1 2 3 4 5]

Thanks again for having me, Elizabeth! I had so much fun putting this post together! Have a great weekend, everyone! 

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Best of Street Style from Milan Fashion Week

From the top(normal to crazy): Mystery lady in pants I want to steal. Mystery woman and fashion risk taker in a Prada jacket and the Balenciaga nun/ visor hat thing. ADR's assistant, Viviana Colpicella, in a super cute fox print ensemble.

From the top: Carine Roitfeld in a Givenchy men's sweater, Ana dello Russo in a Prada coat,  Christine Centenera in a gorgeous coat and simple black skirt slit up to there. Prada flame shoes.

images via, fashionologie

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Guest Post and Ever Swoon Launches

Before I get into Ever Swoon, I am over at Classically Eclectic today sharing  what's in my handbag! I know you have all been dying to know so here is your chance ;) Head on over to Kelly's amazing blog!!! 
What's in it you ask? Come see!

On to ever swoon....
After many sleepless nights and hours upon hours of work, the ever swoon Wedding and Events website is now LIVE!!! Tamra Sanford of Walks With Bella just started her own boutique event planning and styling company dedicated to making your most special moments extraordinary and the site finally launches today!!  In addition to this site, she also has a new blog, Studio Swoon, which will focus on life's celebrations and styling. Not to worry...she will still feature Bella {couldn't live without seeing Bella} and lifestyle elements!! 
isn't she the cutest? and the graphics in her logo + site are amaaazzing!! Good work Small Shop Studio!

Tamra wants to know what you think of the launch so if you have any feedback, comments or compliments, tweet about it using the hashtag, "#dancetildawn".  You can follow ever swoon on Twitter and like on Facebook as well.

xoxo e

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Shoesday: Anniversary Edition

Today is my 2 year wedding anniversary! Hooray..we made it!! haha! Matt is a loyal reader of the blog so I want to wish him a Happy Anniversary and thank him for being the best husband and friend a wifey could ever dream of!

And since it's Tuesday Shoesday and my wedding anniversary, what is more appropriate than showing off my wedding shoes!!!

The glitter bottoms are what won me over!!

Such pretty shoes but only worn once! 
I'm so excited that more pictures and details of our wedding will be featured on Tamra Sanford's new blog, Studio Swoon, for her new company, Ever Swoon in a few weeks. Her site goes live tomorrow BTW!!  Stay tuned...

images courtesy of Vim Studios

xo e

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Lust List

Well, it's Monday again! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I won't bore you with all my weekend details, but I did see the most amazing movie last night. It's called Undefeated and it won an Oscar for best documentary. The movie is about a high school football team in West Memphis, Tennessee and I was not at all excited about seeing a football movie, but it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. I cried the entire time!! Anyway, if you have a chance, you should see it. Now onto my list o' lusts!!

1| Jumpsuit  2| Clutch 3| Swimsuit 4| Necklace 5| Jeans 6| Umbrella  7| Dress 8| Book
xoxo e

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