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The Now

The Now: February 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

A & E's Picks for Best Dressed at The Oscars

What did YOU think???

xoxo E

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Magnificent Milly

I've always had a thing for the clothing line Milly... their bold patterns in punchy colors always seem to come off in a very chic and sophisticated way (aka - pattern that doesn't make me feel like I'm dripping in Lilly Pulitzer).   However, it wasn't until I came across an Elle Decor article profiling the Manhattan apartment of Michelle Smith - the woman behind Milly - that I truly had a full appreciation for the fashion label.  This woman has SERIOUS style... and I am SERIOUSLY envious of her 1920's Madison Avenue apartment!  To make it her own, she called in designer Shaun Jackson.  Get ready to drool over her personal haven mixed in with some Milly bliss.  You'll see how cohesive her style truly is.

On the Milly website, she shares a few of her personal inspiration boards... so fun!

I seriously want to be friends with this woman - she seems uh-mazing!

xoxo, A

Photos courtesy of,,

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peak Inside Alexander Wang's NYC Boutique

I love me some Alexander Wang. And I cannot wait til my next trip to NYC so I can shop shop shop in his first boutique. The Soho store was designed by amazing designer and good friend of Alexander's, Ryan Korban.

images via nitrolicious

xoxo E

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Dining Room Dilemma

Well the good news is I have finally found a dining room table! Since we are on year three of living in our house, you can see that I like to take my time on things. The dilemma is that it is a little out of my price range....It's $6,000. Apparently they JUST had one at the Wisteria Outlet that was identical, but when I went to get it, they had sold it. FML. Anyway, now I am obsessed with finding a look alike table! I don't know what to do! Here is a picture of the beautiful, Kaveri dining table that I originally spotted.  I found it at the Conran shop inside ABC Home in New York. It's a little blurry, but you get the idea...

Here it is in all of it's glory. And I would want it with the white S Chairs!!!
I found this Restoration Hardware table that is similar in shape and maybe I could have someone leaf it with metallic silver paint?
And another from World Market that is only $500!

Does anyone have any advice or $6,000 that I can borrow :)?

xoxo E

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fall '11 Trends We Love Part 3

xoxo E

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Philip Treacy to Make Kate Middleton's bridal hat

I don't know why, maybe I just got caught up in the hype, but I am so excited to see what Kate Middleton will wear on her wedding day. Whatever it is, it just got a whole lot better because she has assigned uber famous milliner, Philip Treacy to make her hat!!! Here are some recent Treacy bridal hats. I think she should do COLOR!! How fun would that be!


Here are some of his most famous...and infamous hats!!!

SJP chose Treacy for the SATC Movie Premiere

Camilla on her wedding day
The original Treacy devotee and Lobster hat wearer,
 Isabella Blow
the next generation..I think Kate should rock a lobster!
No matter if you love or hate these hats, if you are a lover of fashion, you have to appreciate the originality and artistry that goes into one of these hats!!

xoxo E

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A Little Logo Lovin'

There are some trends that I PRAY will go away.   Case in point: I welcome the day when I don't lust over a $1,125 blanket.  I thought my love for Hermes Avalon Blanket would be fleeting... but no, it seems the more I see those perfect H's pop up in design magazines everywhere, the more my longing kicks into overdrive.  In an effort to temporarily satisfy my craving (Not really sure if this ever actually works??), I thought I'd share some favorite photos where my true love appears.

via The Decorista

via The Huntress Lives

via Dwellers Without Decorators

via The Handsome Hound

via Empress of the Eye

via Dwellers Without Decorators

via Desire to Decorate

via Desire to Decorate

via Desire to Decorate

via Modern 24 Seven

Do you share my obsession - or is the Avalon a little to logo-heavy for you??  If you're as big a fan as I am, which color blanket do you crave??

xoxo, A

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fall '11 Trends We Love Part 2

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Leave it to Marc Jacobs to deliver a gorgeous Fall '11 collection at Fashion Week.  These looks are so dressed up and glam that many are saying they look more like a Louis Vuitton collection than typical Marc Jacobs.  I am loving the sophistication of the dark hues and mix of textures, while the polka dots add a playful vibe.  I would say it's perfection, but I'm slightly distracted by those acorn hats the models are wearing!  Aside from that, loves it.

Marc Jacobs images via The Sartorialist

Here's some additional polka-dot love for your Friday...

My all-time favorite polka-dot pic... so heavenly

I adore the imperfections in these dots

Sweet and Simple

The Polka-dotted chair almost seems like an oasis in this room

 the cutest patio furniture!!

So fresh...

1.)  Flikr  2. & 3.) Decorarts Now 4.) Lonny  5.) CocoCozy  6.) The Second Bedroom

And finally, some shopping picks...

1.) Marni Polka-Dot Satin Briefs  2.) Polka-Dot Spanx  3.) Max and Chloe Polka Dot Bangle 4.)  Kate Spade iPhone Cover  5.) LL Bean Dotted Scarf

xoxo, A

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