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The Now: January 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh.My.God..I'm in love!!!

I just found this line from Sketch 42's Nicole Cohen on Etsy and I am certain that I cannot live without most of her things!!! Here are my favorites..

She has tons of abstract paintings for sale!
ummmm hello spikey are destined to be in my house!

I have been looking for you all my life..or at least the last few months!

Check out these and more of Nicole Cohen's items here at her etsy site!

xoxo E

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Perfect Match?

Online magazines aren't exactly new news at this point, but for some reason, I still get super giddy at the thought of a new one launching.  That's why I was SUPER excited when E told me at lunch today that, Matchbook, the latest online lifestyle magazine went live last night. 

Their website has a darling "The Matchbook Girl" description that I want to share with y'all.  I thought it was a cute way to for them to define their audience...

Here are some snapshots from the pages of Matchbook... you'll see articles covering travel, fashion, organization, interior design, and beauty:

So what's my final assessment of Matchbook?  After giving the first issue a thorough read, I can safely say that this magazine is a keeper.  It's more Lucky than Domino (if you ask me), but with all of the other Domino-esque online mags out there, that's just fine with me.  My only critique is that it's quite text-heavy for an online mag, which ended up being a bit annoying on the computer screen.  My solution?  I guess I need to go buy an iPad =)  

Let me know what you think!

xoxo A

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Front Row Style @ Paris Couture Fashion Week

One of the most exciting things about any fashion week is the courageous style of those attending the shows. Thanks to blogs such as The Sartorialist, JakandJil and Streetpeeper, we have opportunities to check out the chicest of the chic heading to the most exclusive shows of them all...the haute couture shows in Paris!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jewelry Roundup: Our Top 5 Labels Right NOW

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Four Eyes

I'm one of those oh-so-lucky people who has been wearing glasses since the 1st grade.  I remember crying on the first day I had to wear the glasses to school because I didn't think anyone would recognize me.  Looking back, I should have been crying because I was wearing frames that were better suited for a full-grown man vs. a 1st grader.  Perhaps I was an early adopter of the geek-chic trend???

These days, I just wear glasses for reading and computer work, but luckily there are tons of gorgeous frames out there to choose from.  Before we get into the good stuff, I'm a little curious if any other brunette eyeglass-wearers out there run into what I call the "Lisa Loeb Dilemma."  I swear, it seems that 9 times out of 10, any pair of glasses I put on causes me to immediately look like Lisa Loeb.  And I swear I don't even resemble her without the glasses.  

Anyone feel me on this? 

Moving on, here are some of my favorite... and not so favorite... celebrity eyeglass looks...

Clearly I see a trend with my picks... I'm loving the Buddy Holly-esque glasses look, as long as it's not too over the top.

What glasses looks do you love???

xoxo A

Lisa Loeb image via here here
Leona Lewis image via here
Hilary Duff image via here
Kirsten Dunst image via here
Megan Fox image via here
Britney Spears image via here
Emily Blunt image via here
Jennifer Garner & Molly Sims images via here


Monday, January 24, 2011

Style Obsession: Kourtney Kardashian

Alright...this might be annoying to some since these ladies aren't really famous for anything BUT after watching Kim and Kourtney Take New York last night on E!, I am obsessed with Kourtney Kardashian's clothes!!!!!!!! She looks flawless in just about everything. Of course I could be biased since I love wearing black and tights, but she has made a huge impression on me!!

Filhas de Gaia dress, American Apparel Tights, YSL clutch

Alice & Olivia top, Acne skirt, American Apparel tights, YSL shoes, Prada ankle cuffs,  Christan Louboutin bag.

Vintage Dress, Alexander McQueen Shoes, YSL clutch

Juicy faux fur jacket, 7 jeans (I need), Chanel handbag and gold saturn turban headband
LNA t-shirt, Mcginn blazer, H&M pants, Balenciaga bag, Fendi shoes, Benjamin sunglasses
 all images via official kourtney k

Thoughts on Kourtney K????

xoxo E


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rodarte + Knoll = LOVE

Many thanks to my favorite daily email delivery ~ The Zoe Report ~ for waking me up from the rock I've been living under since May 2010.  How did I not know about the collaboration between Rodarte and Knoll Luxe (the super chic sister of Knoll, Inc.)???  

For this UH-mazing mash-up, Rodarte (aka sisters Laura & Kate Mulleavy) created 5 upholstery & 3 drapery patterns.  Once you look through the catalog (posted below), it's easy to see that these fabrics are an abstract translation of Rodarte's runway inspirations over the past few years.

In my opinion, this collection strikes the perfect balance between glam and approachability.  So much texture with the perfect amount of metallic sheen blended in.  Yum.

It's not shocking that the price-per-yard for these fabrics is $130+.  That said, Rodarte + Knoll will be filed away in my big book of inspiration for now =)

xoxo, A


Friday, January 21, 2011

Shelf Life

I was in desperate need of more storage for all of our fancy china and crystal. Luckily, I spotted this faux bamboo china cabinet at White Elephant Antiques and it fit perfectly with my vision for our dining room and our budget!! Hooray! While I love it, it needs some sprucing up!

Our new addition! When I bought it, the back was covered
 in red fabric which I immediately removed. 

And now the back of the shelves look like this soooo it's PROJECT TIME!!!

I could paint??? ehhh...

What to do? What to do?? Should I use wallpaper like at Annie's house

or like this:
Love this  Orla Kiley wallpaper!

 Here are some of my favorite wallpapers....

Or I could use fabric! I found this DIY project on Studio Ten25
What a smart idea!!

Measure the shelf and cut a piece of cardboard with the same dimensions!

Wrap cardboard in a fabric of your choice
Place it at the back of the shelf, decorate.......
et voila!!! Beautiful!!!
These fabrics are pretty but I think I want to do wallpaper!

Alright, I have some decisions to make!!! I just need to spice up these shelves ASAP!  Any suggestions???

oh PS....this is my China:

xoxo E

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